Tajna Castle

Tajna Révay property is originally a royal gift to the noble Hungarian family Tajnay. The classic main building was built in 1840 in Gothic style. Simon Révay (1820-1880) married Ilona Tajnay (18/08/1841) that by Tajnai famliy died out in the man page alone inheri-ted property Tajna. Property by the marriage passed in Révay ownership.

Révay owners: Simon (1865-1928), Simon (1865-1928), István (1899-1989)

Tajna after the First World War 1918 geographically belonged to Slovakia near the Hungarian border. Munich agreement in 1938 again placed Tajna and the area around Tajna in Hungary. The communist regime in 1947 confiscated all Révay property and Tajna was reunited with Slovakia.




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